diy coconut milk


sooo I have never been completely "lactose intolerant". honestly, my milk alternative preference began as a trend when I was in my early twenties. i would add soy milk to my life cereal trying to be cool, eating craft mac n cheese an hour later.

about a year goes by and I learn soy isn't the best for balancing hormones, so I kicked soy to the curb moving on to almond milk for a very long time.

fast forward... I now live with my boyfriend who has a nut allergy. long story short I couldn't drink an entire jug of califia myself, so together we shared boxes of hemp or coconut milk. 

now we live in portland oregon and I began having major stomach problemas (a foodies worst nightmare). So I gave up dairy temporarily, ice cream and all... dun dun dunnnnn!

i want to be better about what I am putting in my body and get my gut back in action (fingers crossed by thanksgiving hah).

i already read labels and try eating clean but these days i'm a little bit of a (coco)nut ball about it. GET IT!? heehee

so I decided to skip the boxed alternative milks loaded with thickening agents and substances I couldn't even pronounce and make some milk at home!

i plan on exploring hemp and oat milk next but because I love anything that reminds me of hawaii...COCONUT milk it is. 


diy coconut milk

yields 2 cups/  1 pint jar 

2 cups warm water (heat up on the stove, not scalding) 

3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (i purchase mine at whole foods for about $3.50)

pinch of sea salt

1/8 tsp vanilla OR 1/4 a vanilla bean



-blend coconut and water together for two minutes

-strain with a nut milk bag (I used the organic cotton nut milk bag by eco peaceful)

-add salt & vanilla (optional, still delicious without)

-let cool and store in the fridge for up to 3 days


this milk doesn't have a very long shelf life that is why I make such a small batch but if you plan on using it up super fast I recommend doubling up.  ps dance & shake it up before you drink it, this milk tends to separate.


boil 1/2 cup of milk and blend with your morning coffee and two scoops of collagen for about 1 minute for a frothy latte. soooo good I promise! 


eat (drink) your heart out!