pasta three ways


I know pasta isn't the best option for those trying to watch their figures... However, nothing beats eating a big bowl of pasta on the couch after a long day on your feet. I make sure to keep my kitchen stocked with some staple ingredients that make cooking dinner effortless and better yet stress free.


skylarbryce shopping list:

-grated parmeasean reggiano


-cherry tomatoes

-crimini mushrooms





-onions & shallots

-olive oil

-tomato sauce


-ground beef/turkey, sausage


-pine nuts

-different types of pasta (angel hair, ziti, penne etc)

-red pepper flakes, dried oregano & dried basil, salt & pepper


Here are three of my favorite pasta dishes using some of the ingredients above.

If certain recipes have ingredients you do not have just wing it! Honestly, you cannot go wrong with some pasta, olive oil, cheese and lots of GARLIC.

Eat your hearts out babes!


1. salt-as-you-go pasta

2. pantry pasta

3. speedy baked ziti