perfect pesto


i bought a basil plant the other day. i have absolutely no idea how to care for a basil plant. i know how to eat basil in various ways...but honestly that is all. so therefore this plant will probably die. sorry trader joes (and Mother Earth) but maybe you shouldn't tempt me with three dollar basil plants of cutenesss.

anywho, my first thought is to of course, duh buy this adorable plant. "i could make soooo much pesto!!!', i think to myself wide eyed, pushing an old lady out of my way. "you can get your artichoke after i grab my damn herb plant bishhhh... Jk i am no aggressive shopper...but maybe i had the tude because of my hanger... thinking of all the pesto ravioli i could be eating...oookay.

well i bought the plant, feeling all sophisticated.

but then bam. what the heck am i supposed to do with this thing??? ok ok i can handle this... replant the basil plant in my pancake batter dispenser? YESSS sky you are a genius woman! ps how pinterest of you... this basil plant just got even cuter. barf. 

ok ok ok done ranting. well ladies and gentlemen. i made pesto! and now my plant looks very longer killing me with cute. for some reason i thought the basil leaves would rejuvenate over night, but that is not the case. on the plus side, this basil plant will teach me patience. and in the mean time i will enjoy my pesto and try my darnest to keep this baby alive. 

pesto has a special place in my heart and it is incredibly easy to make. my mom made this for my stepdad a million years ago and he was instantly smitten. she then taught me to make it and as an adult i tried her trick on my boyfriend... worked like a charm (he's hooked). we now make it together almost once a week...watching him use my little pink food processor is ridiccccculously cute.

pesto is delicious & stunningly beautiful.

AND i believe that i have finally perfected it so i must share. applause*

spinach basil pesto- 

yields one cup

1 cup fresh basil

1 cup spinach

2 lg cloves of garlic

1/3 cup pine nuts

1/3 cup olive oil

**1/4 cup grated parmesan  

salt & pepper to taste 

toast pine nuts over medium heat until golden brown and set aside. food process basil, spinach and peeled garlic until finely chopped. add 1/4 cup pinenuts (save some for later) and olive oil. puree until well combined. fold in the remaining pine nuts. S&P to taste. toss with fresh pasta, veggies, quinoa or spread on toast. 

** i am sensitive to cheese so i usually grate a little parmesan on top of my pasta dish. if you are a cheese lover definitely stir in 1/4 cup of grated parm into the pesto when adding last of pine nuts.

here yah go! make this pesto, get stinky garlic breath, scare away boys or impress all of your loved ones.

eat your heart out