green chicken enchilada bake


dear, people that might be reading my blog that i never ever update...

sorry i am always MIA but hey i am busy doing things. starting to cook a bit more now because let's be honest when i am taken by a boy i automatically want to cook for him. and hey hey hey it's not because i want to be thaaaat girl. i actually am just a show-offey type, and i'm not afraid to be a bit braggy. i'm not good at too many things, i can't fix a car and i may not be very stylish but i do know my way around a kitchen. working with what i got here people!

so the other day a picked up the newest version of (muhh girl) martha stewart magazine looking for some inspiration. and tah dahhh found a cutie tear out recipe for a green chicken enchilada bake. of course i did my own "busy girl" version of the recipe by using a store bought roast chicken. but it turned out wonderful and in half the time!

i knew this recipe would be sooo tasty, not only because marthas name is on it, but any dish with fresh avocado, salsa AND tortillas has my so cal foodie heart in it's hands. also, i recommend using a cast iron pan if you have one because the edges get perfectly crispy and adds nice texture too. this recipe is insanely easy even after a longgg eight hour shift. or simply lovely for a night in with your boy/lady. ps make sure to hop in your pjs and bust out a fancy six pack to get some extra lovebird points!

Green Chicken Enchilada Bake--

2 cups cooked chicken shredded

12-15oz container green salsa (use your favorite)

12 corn tortillas quartered

3 cups grated jack cheese

s&p to taste

cilantro, avocado, radishes, limes and sour cream for garnish optional

preheat the oven to 350 degrees. shred your rotisserie chicken, toss with salt and pepper to taste, quarter tortillas. now layer ingredients in a 10 inch cast iron pan starting with the salsa, then tortillas, then chicken, then repeat until all three ingredients are used. make sure to end with cheese on top so it gets nice and cheesy. toss into the oven for 25-30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and golden brown. while the casserole is in the oven prep all your garnishes. when finished. cut, garnish, serve and devour. you can do your own take on this too! feel free to add whatever you like. pasilla peppers or jalapenos would be delicious layered in as well. get creative or enjoy as is. okay okay onto the next thing...

eat your hearts out babes

xoxo skylarbryce